What the Dayton Daily News has to say about Burlap to Cashmere!

     The crack team of Go! (Dayton Daily News entertainment rag) music reviewers decided that since compilation CD's where hot in '98, they would create their own - 10 musical jewels to carry near to their hearts if ever there was a titanic disaster. Here's James Lloyd's Christian compilation list:
  • How can you contain a twister? How can you describe its power to someone who hasn't been there?
  • You can't. Neither can you capture the unique live sound of Burlap to Cashmere in a studio CD. Nor can you fully describe the impact of the Brooklyn-based band's cross of untamed Mediterranean guitars and percussion with clean folk-pop sensibilities.
  • In that regard, Burlap to Cashmere's debut release is a tad disappointing. The seven-member band became the talk of the Gospel Music Association after a stunning two-song set in April before 2,500 industry and media folks. Those numbers-Anybody Out There?andBasic Instructions -are powerfully reproduced here, with a tiny deduction for adding strings to the end of the title cut, diluting the dramatic live finish. Scenes and Skin Is Burning also show the band's passion and creativity.
  • But when first-time listeners liken the sound with Cat Stevens, instead of scratching their heads over a defining comparison, it's clear this band still has growing to do in the studio. Right now, Anybody Out There?is a winning tantalizer, but Burlap to Cashmere must be seen to be experienced. The whirlwind band will be on stage next Friday(November 13, 1998) at Memorial Hall as a second act with Jars of Clay.
    JAMES LLOYD, Dayton Daily News, 11/6/98

    Anybody Out There?, Burlap to Cashmere, Live at the Bitter End
    Watch out. Anticipation builds from the first chord of this amazing perfomance by the best new band in Christian music since Jars of Clay, and when Johnny Philippides' fingers finally start flying over the frets, my spirit soars; the live version is more energetic that the recorded title cut of the group's later full-length A & M/Squint release, but this and Basic Instructions are filled with promise on both CDs.

    Gimme Shelter, Ashley Cleveland, You Are There:

    Hard to Get, Rich Mullins/Rick Elias, The Jesus Record

    Butterfly, Seven Day Jesus, Seven Day Jesus

    Brighten My Heart, Sixpence None the Richer, Exodus

    Deeper, Delirious, King of Fools

    Missing Personn, Michael W. Smith, Live the Life

    Deliver Me, Margaret Becker, Falling Forward

    Tired Shoes, Eli, Things I Prayed For

    The Apostle

    Burlap to Cashmere will be in concert on April 9, 1999 at Canal Street Tavern

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