What the Dayton Daily News has to say about Ashley Cleveland!

You Are There
     The crack team of Go! (Dayton Daily News entertainment rag) music reviewers decided that since compilation CD's where hot in '98, they would create their own - 10 musical jewels to carry near to their hearts if ever there was a titanic disaster. Here's James Lloyd's Christian compilation list:
  • At the beginning of the decade, when Ashley Cleveland released her remarkable debut, Big Town, with a voice that sounded as if she'd smoked a few too many cigarettes and swirled back a few too many scotches in a few too many late-night bars, critics loved her and the public mostly ignored her.
  • The injustice continued, though her '95 release, Lesson of Love, was a respectable Christian music hit.
  • Now the raw power of Cleveland's voice is unleashed in the live You Are There. (She's in town Saturday;see page 3.) It opens with a rollicking, courageous cover of the Rolling Stones' Gimme Shelter that is filled with the intensity of Janis Joplin.
  • This is gospel? You bet! Each song is filled with soulful passion. Complementing Cleveland is her husband, Kenny Greenberg, whose capable production and guitar work are showing up all over Nashville recordings. Just listen to him wail on He Is and the title cut.
  • Cleveland is no mere blues-rock screamer, however. She squeezes new energy out of the gospel hymn, Revive Us Again, by toning things down.
  • You Are There is a refreshing, unencumbered recording from a lady who shows first hand experience of what grace is all about. Play it loud and often.
    JAMES LLOYD, Dayton Daily News, 10/16/98
  •      Gimme Shelter, Ashley Cleveland, You Are There: This Mick Jagger-Keith Richards song is a rock classic; Cleveland's raw live performance sacrifices none of the stones' passion while stirring the soul - and husband Kenny Greenberg's guitar sizzles.

    Hard to Get, Rich Mullins/Rick Elias, The Jesus Record

    Butterfly, Seven Day Jesus, Seven Day Jesus

    Brighten My Heart, Sixpence None the Richer, Exodus

    Deeper, Delirious, King of Fools

    Missing Personn, Michael W. Smith, Live the Life

    Deliver Me, Margaret Becker, Falling Forward

    Anybody Out There?, Burlap to Cashmere, Live at the Bitter End

    Tired Shoes, Eli, Things I Prayed For

    The Apostle

    Ashley Cleveland will be in concert on March 6, 1999 at Canal Street Tavern

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