Youth Emphasis Project

Our Mission

To assist Christian Senior High and College students in discovering God's direction and producing a life of excellence.

Our Objectives

To assist in the discovery of indiviual purpose

To assist in the discovery of individual gifts and talents

To assist in the understanding of moral value

To assist in the development of spiritual disciplines

To assist in the development of strategy for Christian witness

Last year Y.E.P. brought us Josh McDowell and the Newsboys at Riverfront Coliseum. If you were there, you can attest to it being an unforgettable experience. This year Y.E.P. is excited to be involved with Focus on the Family's inaugral one-day event, Life on the Edge. It's the freshest event of the year for parents and teenagers! Inspirational speakers such as Frank Peretti and Tim Kimmel will deliver powerful messages on living in the next generation. The finale to this special day begins at 7:30 p.m. - a concert featuring Rebecca St. James with The Kry, Big Tent Revival, The Waiting and A-1 Swift!

Comming Soon - Powerlink - Youth Newspaper On-Line Edition

More Info will be here soon... links...pictures...just more stuff.

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