What the Dayton Daily News has to say about All Star United

  • Ian Eskelin and his All Star United mates aspire to make top-notch pop, and their second release, International Anthems for the Human Race, should dispel any doubts about their abilities. Each song is a little pop primer, easy to listen to, with a variety of rhythms and hooks to grab you.

  • Some have simple messages, but that grain of truth is part of pop too. Thank You, Goodnight offers a lovely little prayer; I Need You Now is a touching confessional; and the first single, Superstar, puts a spiritual spin on celebrity worship.

  • Other songs wax more sarcastic. Popular Americans, using a Freddy "Boom-Boom" Cannon-like melody with terrific horns, joyfully punches a hole in U. S. jingoistic pride. A falsetto backing vocal sets the tone for Worldwide Socialites Unite, a tongue-in-cheek take on high society. ("Buh-bye")

  • Hold on to Theme From Summer until the weather warms up; then pop it into your car stereo and drive. Though it's only January, Theme, with its lapping waves and Beach Boy-esque backing vocals, could well be 1999's car-dancing anthem.

  • This is happy - not sappy - music that deserves a broad hearing. It would be a sin to confine it to Christian Radio.

  • JAMES LLOYD, Dayton Daily News, 1/15/99
  • All Star United will be in concert on March 27, 1999 in Dayton, Ohio.

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