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The Waiting

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Throughout The Waiting a thematic thread pertaining to the Christian walk emerges. "We live real life with very real experiences, but God is the Lord of Lords, and everything we experience needs to be perceived through that truth," explains Brad. "I would hope that even if we went through an intensely hard time and we wrote about it-which is what we would want to do-that God would be exalted through it."

The Waiting is compelled to communicate the Lordship of Christ over all of life. As humanity internally longs for absolutes in a culture celebrating relativism, The Waiting effectively combines progressive modern pop with a message of hope and renewal. Concludes Todd, "In the sense of modern music, we want to be as real and open as possible, whether that means being more experimental with our music, or being more direct in communicating our faith lyrically."

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June 1, 1997
6:00 pm
The Waiting First Reformed Church
45 W. Church St., Xenia, OH 937-372-4434
$12/Day of

937-254-1126 1-800-521-0290
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